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love & accepting myself

For many in the church today, it is easier to love others than to love themselves. Many love God and want to please Him, but still have trouble understanding that he loves and accepts them for who they are, and not for what they do.

Love and Accepting Myself teaches individuals to take life-changing steps towards developing a healthy self-image, as well as discover how to see themselves through God's eyes. Get ready to uncover the beautiful love that God has in store.

The Student Manual is the workbook for this course, and includes questions and answers.

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Online Class

how to study the bible

Learn how to study the Bible more effectively. This ground-breaking book presents three guidelines to having a more fruitful Bible study. Many have seen their quiet time dramatically changed as they rediscovered, or even discovered for the first time, the practical applications for studying the Bible.

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Anger can be a normal and healthy emotion. However, if this emotion is taking over one’s thoughts and actions, it has become unhealthy; It’s probably time to seek help for a better way of responding to difficulties. Through Anger & Personal Rights, individuals will learn the motivations behind their aggression. They will also uncover more productive ways to channel their anger and express their emotions. This valuable guide provides practical methods for conquering this potentially life-controlling problem.

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Online Class

spirit empowered

This course explores what true spiritual power is, and how it can have a practical impact on the life of the new Christian.


Have you ever wondered what role the Holy Spirit plays in the lives of believers? Perhaps you have desired the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in your own life. Spiritual Power & the Supernatural talks about the influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers, and shows the impact He can have in individuals’ lives if they let Him. Through Him, students can unleash the lives they’ve until now only dreamed of.

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Online Class

a quick look at the Bible

This course introduces students to the Word of God, and explores how Christ fits into all of Scripture.

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growing through failure

What causes failure? What does God do, and expect from us, when we fail? This course explores steps to recovery from failure, including the role of forgiveness and restitution.

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personal relationships

with others

This course provides an exploration of how to develop long-lasting relationships. From friends to family, relationships of all kinds are a vital part of having a well-balanced life. While reading this book, individuals will learn the most effective ways to communicate with those around them, and the keys for unlocking the door to more intimate relationships. In addition to all this, they can learn how to interact with those who are not Christians. This is a useful manual for relationships on every level.

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Online Class

christian practices

This course provides an intense study on a variety of key issues facing the Church today. Christian Practices touches upon the subject of how money relates to the Church, for example, and the responsibility that Christians have to be good stewards of their resources. It also discusses the involvement believers should have with the Church, what Scripture has to say about baptism, the power of prayer, the purpose of Communion, and the power of personal testimonies vis-a-vis witnessing.

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Online Class

how can I know that

I am a christian?

This course explores the following issues: How to become a Christian. Where to look for evidence that you are a Christian. How to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. What to do about doubts.

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Online Class

successful christian living

What does God say about how you can be a successful Christian? What does the Holy Spirit do in your life when you are a Christian? This course explores these questions and more.

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Online Class

obedience to god

As believers we are called to love God. Indeed, Jesus declared this to be the most important commandment of all. However, in loving God, we find that we must also obey Him. Obedience to God takes a look at the relationship between love and obedience, and offers practical ways to submit even the most rebellious heart to His authority. If we do not, the outcome can be devastating, as shown through real-life examples given in this study.

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This course explores the following questions: What is temptation? Why do Christians get tempted? How can we prepare for temptation?

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obedience to man

Submission to authority is a challenge for many in the Church today. Truth is, it’s a crucial part of the growing process. As members of the body of Christ, we are called to work together in harmony and unity. This course will equip you and those around you to fulfill that call. If you are in any leadership role, this book will provide you with valuable methods for successful partnerships with your Christian co-workers.

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Online Class


What are attitudes? How do we develop new attitudes? And what is the right attitude to have when being criticized or correction? This course explores these questions, and more.

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