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Laura Norman,

concerned loved ones group leader

In 2003, shortly after the explosion of the opioid crisis began, I found myself as the mother of two beautiful daughters who had become drug addicts. My 15 year old was the most obvious with a full blown addiction to crystal meth, crime, and the excitement of being in a relationship with a major drug dealer. My 17 year old was less obvious due to the quietness of her nature and the smoke screen her sister provided. Within a 3 month period, I went from sitting in the bleachers watching them play softball as wholesome teens, to the awareness my daughters had an addiction I knew nothing about. My oldest daughter was free of the addiction rather quickly. Her heart has always been set as the servant and caregiver and she has quickly demonstrated that in her motherhood and career as a nurse. Her brief period of addiction seemed to be an escape of sorts, but I have seen the response to prayer over her cause her to rise above and be successful. 


There was no help then, because this hit our area like a tsunami. Many children were falling into it but most parents were in denial. I went to the local mental health department and to the court for help but was denied. I had little experience in fighting with prayer but I did know people who were warriors in the faith. I soon came to realize the only answer was God and with the direction of my pastor and 2 prayer saints who are now in heaven, I was able to develop strategies of prayer. It took 13 years for my youngest daughter to be set free, but throughout those years, I learned 4 principles that are key in seeing my daughter redeemed and restored. My pastor asked me what I would have given to have the NOW me to consult with those many years ago and my answer was “anything”. This is my goal and mission to assist other parents in finding the path to prayer strategies, to stop enabling, and to rise up strong and not defeated until the day their children are redeemed. I plant seeds and expect the Lord will perform on their behalf. Our meeting is a safe and confidential place for people to come and share their experience while receiving guidance and prayer for themselves and their loved ones.

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