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lacie foster,


I started sneaking out and getting drunk when I was 13 years old. First time I ever did meth and prescription pills I was 14 and I was a serious meth addict by the time I was 15. There was a man in my life that would give me all the drugs I wanted and I soon ended up in a long term rehab in Pittsburgh. As soon as I graduated from the program and went home, I got pregnant with my son. I soon went back to using drugs and my mom took over raising my son. I was in and out of several toxic drug fueled relationships and began using IV drugs at 19. I met my husband when I was 20 and he didn’t shoot up at that time but soon would. I was doing so much meth that I couldn’t function. I had voices in my head that tormented me daily. I was barely alive living in filth. The drugs became harder to get and we had to lie and cheat and steal to support ourselves. A family member let us put our camper in her yard and that gave us some stability. We used for several more years until we discovered suboxone. Getting on suboxone gave us a chance to get our heads clear. We got saved at a revival and God began His work in us. I’m now 31 and God is restoring all the years I lost. My life today is not possible without Him!!!

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